Importance Of Cold Storage For Fruits and Vegetables

Importance Of Cold Storage For Fruits and Vegetables

What is the importance of cold storage for fruits and vegetables?

The day fruits and vegetables are harvested, it starts to deteriorate over time. Thus, the importance of cold storage units is that it slows down the growth of pathogenic fungi which prevents the fruits and vegetables from spoiling.

Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage

As a result of the invention of the controlled atmosphere cold storage, the seasonal fruits can be stored for a longer duration, and thereby there is long-time availability of these fruits. This technology is used to store perishable fruits where temperature, the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, and nitrogen are controlled and maintained. Relative humidity is an essential element in the ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Thus, Fruits and Vegetable Storage are made in such a way that ripening is delayed at temperatures above the chilling range in the RH modified atmosphere. Hence, perishable fruits can be stored for a longer duration in the ultra-low oxygen Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables.


The atmosphere has to be checked and controlled continuously in a controlled atmosphere Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables. This technology requires expertise and accurate detailing as very high levels of some gases like oxygen or carbon dioxide can cause damage to the fruits or vegetables.

The temperature that is maintained helps in delaying the respiration rate and ripening and storage life is increased. But it is to be kept in mind that there is no injury to the fruits and vegetables, unwanted odour or fungal infestation must not be formed or the flavour of the fruits should not change.

Besides the long-time availability of seasonal fruits, the main benefit of controlled atmosphere cold storage is that it lessens the use of post-harvest chemicals that are used for protection against insects and microorganisms. The atmosphere that is maintained for the Fruits and Vegetable Storage does not let the microbes grow.

For designing and implementing the Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables, accurate detailing and expertise are required. The Cold Storage for Fruits and Vegetables has to be regularly monitored by skilled people.

Modified Atmosphere Cold Storage

The purpose of modified atmosphere cold storage is used to store fresh vegetables. In modified atmosphere cold storage, a modified atmosphere is created by maintaining a predetermined temperature and high humidity in the room.


This technology is used for extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The main purpose of Fruit and Vegetable Storage is to lessen the respiration rate of the food product. Here, there is an optimal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide which is different for each product.

Modified atmosphere cold storage helps in controlling respiration, prevents the growth of microbes, and reduces enzymatic spoilage. The breakdown of chlorophyll takes place later which helps in maintaining higher color stability and the visual presence of the food item. The atmosphere that is maintained in the Fruits and Vegetable Storage extends the shelf life of meat, fish, poultry, oilseeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

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