Cold Room Supplier in Haryana For Commercial Refrigeration

Uniref India has been established as the best commercial cold room storage supplier in Haryana for various commercial refrigeration needs. We have a highly experienced team that employs modern and advanced technology to provide you with effective and efficient cold room storage solutions

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    A Company That Provides Best Cold Room Chamber Solution

    Whether you require small walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, walk-in chillers or large refrigerated warehouses, we specialise in manufacturing cold rooms and providing a dedicated service system for all cold room chamber solutions. We have worked in the cold chain industry for over 3 decades now

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    Best Manufacturer of Walk in Chiller And Walk in Freezer

    We pride ourselves as the best manufacturer of cold storage solutions like walk-in chillers and walk-in freezers in Haryana, on our supremacy in providing exceptional walk-in cooling services by studying in-depth the ins and outs of the industry in which your business operates. With Uniref India, you get multiple commercial cold storage options including custom-designed modular cold rooms of various heights. We have our own manufacturing unit where we have deployed our exceptionally talented team to take care of the quality and efficiency of commercial cold room solutions

    Modular Cold Room Storage Solution and Installation Service

    Whether you require a commercial walk-in cold chiller room, cold room refrigeration or a blast chiller, with the contribution of a meticulous team of highly distinguished senior management research services, Uniref India provides the most efficient modular cold room storage solution and hassle-free cold room installation services in Haryana. Our team intends to eliminate all the complexities involved in the installation process so that you focus primarily on the operations of your business

    Why Choose Uniref India For Cold Room Storage in Haryana?

    Our meticulous team of highly distinguished senior management research services ensure that we offer cost-effective cold room storage in Haryana and timely delivery. Our USP is our after-sales solid service. The average life of walk-in chillers and freezers is 15-20 years, but with our regular maintenance services, they last even longer.

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