Banana Ripening Cold Room

Engineered Banana ripening cold room that helps you reduce the total ripening as much as you desire. Highly integrated and advanced solution that made things super easier for banana storage in our cold rooms. Contact us to install a banana ripening cold room for commercial and manufacturing use.

Hotels Restaurants Kitchen Storage

Our smart refrigeration system that offers a high cooling system makes it perfect for hotels restaurants kitchen storage. Uniref ensures you get a modern yet simple solution for all your cold storage needs in your hotels, restaurants and other commercial use.

Sea Food Cold Storage

Seafood is deemed to stock at cooling systems. Our refreshing cooling system makes it super simple for you to store seafood at your sea stores, restaurants and even for your transportation of seafood needs. You focus on your business. We will solve your seafood storage using our cold room storage solutions.

Horticulture Cold Storage

A standard cooling refrigeration system that helps you maintain the desired room and keep your agriculture storage safe for a long time. Planning for a long-term crop storage? Or want to keep your flowers fresh until delivered to stakeholders? Our cold room storage services will help you keep your crop and flowers fresh for the long term.

Medicine Cold Storage

Medical storage tends to be safe and in cool conditions. We offer cost-effective temperature control rooms for your all medical needs. Now keep all your medical matters including medicine, equipment and other stuff safe in your hospitals, manufacturing plant or your medical store with our medicine storage services.

Cold Room for Fruits and Vegetables

Our cold-room solutions makes it simple for you to keep your fruits and vegetables safe in cold storage in the most cost-efficient manner. Now store all kinds of fruits and vegetables in a cold storage unit installed by Uniref. Technically advanced and unique solution for your business.

Dairy and Ice Cream Cold Storage

We offer cold room products and solutions to various segments that require temperature and humidity control for preservation including dairy and ice-cream storage. Keep your ice-cream away from ice crystallisation and fresh until it is reached to your stakeholders.

Frozen Food Cold Storage

Minimise the footprint of your cold and frozen goods storage warehouse with our frozen product storage services that can also operate down to -30 C. Get customised cold-storage solution as per your business needs and get a dedicated cold-room in your plant for all kinds of storage.

condensing unit uniref

Evaporator and Condenser

Looking for a cold racking storage solution with an effective evaporator and condenser? We offer cold and frozen goods storage in keeping costs to a minimum. If your business requires the cold storage of different products/food/equipment then our cold storage solution helps through our services.

cold room storage design

Cold Room For Mushroom

Offering you a complete Mushroom cold storage services including cold room, mushroom plant cold storage, cold storage freezer that keeps your mushroom up and steady for a longer period of time. Our premium quality cold storage solutions at an affordable price is all your business need to thrive at a high level.