banana ripening chamber

High-Quality Cold Storage Solutions for Banana Ripening

We offer high-end cold storage solutions for banana ripening in India. All around the world, the fruits are consumed primarily for their flavours and freshness. Running a business in the food industry requires a good care of different kinds of fruits at the highest level. Our effective  banana ripening chamber offers a safe and eco-friendly way of ripening of your stored bananas. It results in happy customers who will buy from your storage solution again and again. 

In this world where eating healthy is becoming a new norm, the methods like inclusion of chemicals such as acetylene and calcium carbide which can cause serious health risks to your stakeholders. You can’t run a fruit business with chemicals as your liquid to ripen bananas. Uniref offers you the eco-friendly, economical and energy efficient ripening Banana Ripening Cold Room solutions. Using cold storage service for banana ripening comes with many benefits like better market price for traders, well enhanced flavours and freshness that keep the customers coming back to you. At Uniref, we want to ensure a healthy and safe process for your fruits so you can get the perfect yellow colour and also the flavour of the fruit as the whole process is natural and environmentally friendly.

ripen bananas in cold storage

Features of Our Cold Storage Solutions for Banana Ripening

  • Carefully designed Cold Storage Solutions for Banana Ripening that economically replaces to the usage of harmful chemicals
  • Cold storage comes with both air-cooled and water-cooled condensers for the comprehensive ripening working cycle
  • Eco-friendly Banana Ripening Cold Room solutions and refrigeration system especially designed for effortless and advanced performance
  • Allows remote monitoring and features like control of temperature, humidity and other gases like CO2 and ethylene as well
  • Fully automated banana ripening cold room chamber solutions that comes with high-power ventilation and exhaust system that lets you control everything happening inside the cold room
ripen bananas stored in cold room

Why Choose Uniref For Banana Ripening Solutions?

We have a team of dedicated experts that has created the best solution after looking at your ripening needs. Uniref offers the most cost-effective solution in the series so your consumers can have the fresh and natural tasting experience. What makes us different is our ability to learn the needs of the market and come up with the exact solution without breaking your bank. We have mastered some of the advanced solutions like a refrigeration rack system that comes with an optimal standby compressor, an electrical control panel, ethylene generators, gas discharge systems, CO2 and ethylene analysers systems for the banana ripening process. Allow us to look after your fruits ripening needs in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.