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Advanced Cold Room for Fruits and Vegetables Storage

With the help of the best cold room for fruits and vegetables services from Uniref you get a proper balance between initial, operating, maintenance, and depreciation costs while storing your fruits and vegetables. Cold storage solution for fruits and vegetables is one of the widely used and most effective methods to keep your different kinds of crops preserved for a long time. Maintaining adequate low temperature is critical within the storage system and our cold storage design service for fruits and vegetables in the most cost effective manner. Our experts understand that maintaining adequate low temperature is critical, but too much cold can also harm your fruits and vegetables.

Storing fruits and vegetables for a long term is important for businesses. Since they are natural made elements they have a limited life. Using cold storage design service for fruits and vegetables from Uniref allows you to reduce internal water loss and wilting along with many other benefits. Our advanced cooling solution helps you maintain quality, post-harvest cooling and other marketing flexibility making it super easy for you to store your fruits and vegetables without any hassle. At Uniref, we ensure our every cold storage solution is combined with storage in the environment with addition to CO2, sulphur dioxide nitrogen etc. Some of the important gases to keep your vegetables and fruits dehydrated.

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Features of Fruits and Vegetable Cooling Storage Solutions

  • Advanced solution in the most cost-effective manner that replaces your current cooling system and also the usage of harmful chemicals
  • Our cold room for fruits and vegetables offers modern solutions like air-cooled and water cooled condensers for the comprehensive ripening working cycle
  • Our solution allows remote monitoring and has features like control of temperature, useful gases, and primarily humidity so your fruits and vegetables always stay fresh
  • Fully automated fruits and vegetable cooling storage solutions that comes with high-power ventilation and exhaust system that lets you control everything happening inside the cold room
  • Environmentally friendly cold room solution that offers effortless,advanced performance and keeps your fruits and vegetables safe
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Why Choose Uniref For Fruits and Vegetable Cold Storage?

The cold storage solutions have become very advanced over the years. With a team of dedicated experts we leverage the benefits of the latest technologies to come up with the most comprehensive cooling for all your needs. Whether you’re looking to extend your commercial refrigeration or are considering branching out into the fruit and veg market, the cold storage solutions from Uniref will extend the life of your fruits and vegetables both in storage and in transit.