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Highly Advanced Walk-in Freezers for Restaurant And Hotels

Walk in freezers for restaurants, hotels, cafeterias etc. is a very important product. Uniref offers a complete range of refrigeration systems to meet every need in different types of environments. Our conventional walk-in freezers for hotels include electronically controlled temperature and defrost cycle and offer comprehensive solutions to all other cooling solutions. Our walk-in cold room improves the efficiency of your food and other products by keeping them intact and fresh for a longer time. Walk-freezer offers more benefits and is more effective than a regular freezer because it can be modified for multiple applications. Our customised walk-in freezer solutions allows you to use the room as frozen pallet storage, to store bulk stock, a modular freezer room and can be customised further. 

If you run a hotel, restaurant or offer service in the food industry then our walk-in freezers for restaurants offer countless benefits like storage booster, quicker and easier access to foods and temperature flexibility etc. Our walk-in freezer rooms are certified temperature controls that allow you to change the room’s temperature to chilled or freezing.

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Features of Walk-in Freezers for Hotels and Restaurants

  • Our on-site and off-site freezer allows your hotel/restaurant to stock to cater to busier periods than usual. 
  • The cold room solutions help you save the need to have a bulky fridge-freezer on the kitchen floor and opens up a lot of floor space. 
  • Our high-quality freezer has no temperature fluctuations and helps you preserve any food item for a prolonged period. Now carelessly store fish, meat or pre-cooked meals.
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Why Choose Uniref For Hotels and Kitchen Cold Storage?

Established in 2003, we have a team of skilled professionals as well as a well created facility. What makes us different is our ability to learn the needs of the market and come up with the solution to your problems in the most cost-efficient manner. We have mastered some of the advanced solutions like a  racking system that comes with an optimal standby compressor, evaporator and cooling system. Whether you’re looking to extend your commercial refrigeration or are considering branching out into the cold rooms, Uniref will be your partner as the walk-in freezers for restaurants and extend the life of your products in storage and in transit.