Sea Food Cold Storage Solutions For Businesses

The advanced Seafood cold storage solutions from Uniref helps you preserve marine products and prevent them from getting spoiled in the long term. Seafood when freshly caught has a good eating quality but without proper storage it can quickly turn into unhealthy food and unfit for consumption. Our experts at Uniref understand this long standing problem in the seafood industry. Our cooling service for sea food storage helps you maintain an optimal temperature so that the seafood can be preserved for a long time and you can easily run your business with ease. 

The high demand of seafood from all over the world has increased by 25% in the last decade. With our special cooling room design service for sea food storage we help your business with rapid growth in the seafood chain industry as you serve fresh food to everyone of your customers. With our hands on the newer technology we offer some of the most amazing qualities of the seafood cold storage including the amazing feature of preventing the perishing of these foods, along with some amazing features that prevents the spoiling of the seafood.

seafood in cold storage

Features of Our Moisture Proof Cold Storage for Sea Foods

  • Our refrigeration solutions include features like controlled atmosphere storage where various gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen which can be easily regulated through several precision devices making it easy for you to store seafood for long term. 
  • Our cold room solutions for seafood offers easily accessible temperature controls that can be used for different kinds of seafood. We offer cold storage refrigeration systems that can be customised and fitted with temperature controls and also be monitored with the option to change it remotely. 
  • Major benefit of our cooling service for sea food storage is that it’s cost effective, doesn’t dissipate much energy and offers longevity of the product. 
  • Our cold room services are perfect for the seafood industry especially for businesses who are looking to transport the seafood from storage facilities to the distribution and retail shops.
fresh seafood

Why Choose Uniref For Seafood Cold Storage Solutions?

When it comes to seafood then to ensure it remains protein rich for a longer time. We have understood the long standing problem in the seafood industry and come up with the most advanced and modern solution to this problem. At Uniref you get customised sea food storage design services, moisture proof cold storage for sea foods etc. that can be changed as per your needs and requirements. Our solution has already changed the food industry along with many other fields as they have benefitted on a large scale. Whether you’re looking to extend your commercial refrigeration or are considering branching out into the seafood market, the cold storage solutions from Uniref will extend the life of your seafood in storage and in transit.