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Cold Storage Ice-Cream Solutions for Budding Businesses

The Ice-Cream food industry is one of the biggest in the world and for the same reason cold storage ice cream solutions are also required of the finest level. Freezing is a very vital step in the case of ice-cream manufacturing. Ice-cream of all sorts should be kept in cold temperature at different fluctuations throughout the cold chain. At Uniref, we offer a comprehensive walk-in freezer for ice cream solutions. From factory cold stores to retailer’s cold storage, oue solutions help you prevent a decrease in ice-cream. Tired of ice-recrystallization and coarsening of your ice-cream? Installing Uniref’s walk-in chiller for dairy products will keep your ice-cream and other dairy products away from grainy texture. 

In sugar made products like ice-cream, according to the experts the initial freezing point of the solution is lower than 0 °C. As the industry expert in  cold storage ice cream solutions we help you store your ice-cream store at -22 °C to -25 °C so later it can transported to retailers and stakeholders and can be served at -18 °C to -15 °C.

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Features of our cold storage for dairy products Solutions

  • Rack up refrigeration cold storage for dairy products that offer high-quality varied load consumption. 
  • Our solutions offer cold room services and solutions that require temperature and humidity control for preservation. 
  • Easily customised for swift temperature for your pull up and pull down needs. Now store more dairy products and expand your business new horizons. s
  • Made for dairy graded construction, eco-friendly and CFC free walk in chiller for dairy products.
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Why Choose Uniref for Cold Storage Ice-Cream?

Ice-cream has some unfrozen water content and its serving temperature is -18 °C to -15 °C. Without it the ice-cream would make it too hard. Our comprehensive walk-in freezer for ice creams help you maintain the same so your ice-cream never turns too hard at both processing and consumption stages. At Uniref our experts deliver the finest solution and keep your ice-creams and other dairy products from ice-crystallisation, and help in increasing results in lowering the freezing point of remaining unfrozen base and make your ice-cream soft to be scooped and chewed. That’s why we have the best cold storage for dairy products for your ice-cream business. Whether you’re looking to extend your ice-cream business or are considering branching out into a bigger business, the cold storage solutions from Uniref will extend the life of ice-cream storage and in transit.