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Frozen Food Cold Storage For Better Stock Rotation

Uniref offers single support walk-in frozen food cold storage that provides reliable end to end solutions for a controlled freezing and the best solution for all your commercialised bulk production. Our walk in chiller design services for frozen products are perfect for fully scalable and compatible for every kind of product and manufacturers, perfect for fish cold storage or cold room for frozen food. Our walk-in cooler and freezer plays a critical role in your business success as our solutions offer you locally sourced and seasonally fresh products. We offer proper installation of the walk-in cooler and freezer ensuring the unit offers the best solution and ensures a quality and tight fit and basically helps the unit and your business maintain the proper temperatures. 

We offer the best walk-in chiller design services for frozen products that are fully automated, flexible, offer unrestricted scalability to your business and most importantly are safe to use.  With our hands on the newer technology we offer some of the most amazing qualities of the walk-in chiller design services for frozen products including the amazing feature of preventing the perishing of these foods, along with some amazing features that prevents the spoiling of the products.

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Features of Our Frozen Food Cold Storage for Frozen Products

  • Fully automated and advanced frozen food cold storage process which provides results at highest possible speed and accuracy. 
  • The scalable solutions for freezing of products, food, seafood, ice-cream etc. for everyone including small to large size businesses. 
  • Compatible with single use bags of all established manufactures, sizes and capacities as we also offer customization with our walk in chiller design services for frozen product 
  • Safe and controlled freezing of high-value
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Why Choose Uniref For Frozen Product Cold Storage?

With a team of dedicated experts we offer the best walk in chillers for frozen products for all your cold room business needs. Uniref provides the most cost-efficient solution in the series so your consumers can have the fresh and natural tasting experience if you are storing food or any other products. What makes us different is our ability to learn the needs of the market and come up with the exact solution without breaking your bank. Allow us to look after your frozen cold storage service needs in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.