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Best Medicine Cold Storage Solutions in India

Uniref, a leader in medicine cold storage solutions in India. Looking for refrigeration solutions for biomedical, cabinets for the hospital’s pharmacy or doctor’s office? We offer you high-end and advanced cold storage solutions for all your medical related needs. Available in various sizes, we ensure to keep all your important medical supplies intact for a long time, using our modern solutions. Our experts ensure your facility remains uncluttered making it an organised place for you. Using cold storage solutions for pharmaceuticals is the first step in organising your facility and maximising your staff’s efficiency. Uniref makes sure you serve improved patient care and services through your medical centre. 

Offering a massive solution for cold storage for pharmaceuticals or in the medical cold storage box industry, we already served many industry leaders and are looking to expand our horizon and deliver the best cold room services to more manufacturers in the industry. Our customised solution can be installed anywhere from the supply chain room to the lab or even in the operating room. Our refrigeration solutions for biomedical are perfect for any important medical supplies.

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Features of our Cold Storage for Pharmaceuticals in India

  • Specialist storage options as we have an extensive range of multi-temperature facilities
  • Customised cold-room solutions as per you need and requirements including any special packaging
  • Use of leading technology to offer robust and flexible integrations in our solutions
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Why Choose Uniref for Medicine Cold Storage Services?

Uniref, provides an extra dimension of safety to your medical business by making sure your medical supplies are the same for the long term. Healthcare products and supplies need constant care for a long time. As a leading manufacturer in India, we take care of all your cold-storage problems so you can eventually focus on research and development, production and marketing. With the industry expert by our side and local market knowledge, we allow you to build and implement an effective supply chain across the country. Whether you’re looking to extend your commercial refrigeration or are considering branching out into the medical supply market, the cold storage for pharmaceuticals from Uniref will extend the life of your medical appliances with our advanced cold room storage solutions.