Leading Commercial Cold Room Supplier in Rajasthan

Uniref India has emerged as the leading commercial cold room storage supplier in Rajasthan. Launched in 2003 to provide cold room and commercial refrigeration services at Jaipur,  we have successfully developed our network in Pan India to cater for our esteemed customers in no time. At Uniref India, we offer a cost-effective solution for commercial refrigeration. 

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    Industrial Cold Room Storage Solutions and Design Services

    Uniref India is the most efficient commercial and industrial cold room manufacturer in Rajasthan. With Uniref, you get multiple cold room solutions to choose from including custom-designed modular cold rooms. To cater to various business needs, we provide walk-in cold room storage solutions such as walk-in freezers, walk-in coolers, and walk-in chillers and serve different commercial refrigeration needs

    walk in chiller cold room

    Walk in Chillers and Freezers that Best Suits Your Business

    Our experienced team make extensive research to find out the ins and outs of the industry in which your business operates and study your commercial refrigeration requirements from multiple angles. We undertake this effort to provide you with walk-in chillers, walk-in coolers and freezers or other commercial refrigeration solutions that are best suited for your business. Manufacturing cold rooms for more than 15 years, we have been successful in delivering multiple cold room storage solutions. Book with us, a free consultation today!

    Manufacturer Of Modular and Blast Freezer Cold Rooms

    Working in the cold chain industry for more than 3 decades, we manufacture custom-designed modular cold rooms for our esteemed customers. We are highly recognised for the quality of our premium blast freezer cold rooms. They are light-weighted, energy efficient, durable, operate hassle-free and are easy to install

    Why Choose Uniref For Cold Room Installation in Rajasthan?

    Uniref India has served some of India’s most prominent companies like Yakult, Vadilal, Cipla etc. We have deployed a highly trained team to ensure smooth and easy cold room installation in Rajasthan. To ensure you take care of your business, our team works to reduce all complexities involved in the installation process and makes it a hassle-free installation experience.  

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